Take Two Weeks and Call Me In The Morning

take two weeks

and call me in the morning

We’ve all been there, so stressed out that we can’t even see straight. Our lives revolve around the 40, 60, 80 hour work week on top of all of the other personal issues that pile up on our shoulders. There’s no avoiding it, Life Is Stressful! We live in a country where taking vacations is almost viewed as a bad thing. Most jobs will give you two weeks paid vacations a year. A Senior Executive may earn as much as five weeks paid vacation a year, but how many Senior Executive do you know that will take those five weeks or even the struggling student who is working and going to school full-time. Do you think they are taking one or two-week vacations? Not likely.

Nearly 23% of Americans receive no paid time off at all, so it doesn’t matter if you are at the top of the ladder or just barely stepping on the bottom rung, the simplest solution to de-stressing is hitting the open road and taking time to reconnect with a very special person. You.

This is a personal account of how traveling has changed my life for the better. Over the last four or five years, I have fallen into depression while working a dead endĀ job that barely pays enough. My creative endeavors were sitting untouched and collecting dust. I saw no way out of this hole I was digging and needed a change, but no clue what change that was. While driving up to Flagstaff to meet some friends, I realized that I haven’t taken any long road trips in several years. For me, driving down a stretch of road with miles and miles of countryside before me, this is when my inspiration hits. On that two hour trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, I came up with a new story idea along with the realization that most of my ideas come to me while on the road. Ok, it was more of a remembrance than a realization as I knew this happens nearly every time I hit the road, it had been so long since my last trip that I had forgotten this one simple fact. Travel is good for the soul.

RejuvenatedĀ and creative juices flowing, I sat down with my laptop and started working on a new story and a new game plan. You see… my first true passion is writing. I started at a young age and while life and circumstances can take you off of the right path, life has a way of guiding you back towards that path. Instead of fighting that guidance as I have in the past, I decided to go with the flow and let my creative endeavors take flight.

Since that fateful road trip, I have gone on dozens of local trips all over Phoenix and northern Arizona. In July I went on a long road trip of over 2,000 miles hitting Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Diego, Julian, Boreggo Springs, Monument Mountain, and the Salton Sea. In September I plan on going to Mexico, October will be Las Vegas, Ireland in November, and finally Dallas in December. I still have my day job, and I still have bills to pay (even more so now with the traveling and the expense of starting a new career path). What I’ve come to realize is one simple fact:

Being stagnant in life leads to a stagnant future. We all know what stagnant water can smell like. Is that the life you want for yourself? Change is a part of life and needs to be embraced. All of my life I have been pulled away and brought back to my creative path and now that I am on the road more than I have ever been, I am seeing my path bright and clear and it’s going to so many new places. Can’t wait to show you all!!



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