5 Ghostly tales to scare and delight

5 Ghostly Tales to Scare & Delight

Like many of you out there, I love Halloween. The cooler weather, stormy nights, and of course, scary stuff!! If you are a horror fan like me, you can’t wait to try out this year Halloween¬†mazes and hoping against hope that this time at least one of them will be able to scare you. Still hoping…

To help you get into the Halloween spirit, I have gathered together 4 stories that scared the crap out of me when I was a child and 1 personal ghostly experience that I had while working in an old building in Maine. So sit back, turn off the lights and get ready to be scared… or at least highly entertained ūüôā

The Cooper Family Hanging Ghost

Do you remember the first photo of a ghost you saw that scared you the most? Well, for me it is this one and the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. I remember very clearly when I first saw these photos. I was riding in the back of my parents’ station wagon along with my 5 brothers and sisters heading to the Grandparents house for the day. I was reading a book about ghosts and these two stories scared me more than any other ghost story or photo has ever done.
For several weeks after that, I would see a ghostly figure at the end of my bed in the middle of the night. I would always wake up at the same time and see the apparition.

The story goes, back in the 1950’s, the Cooper family just moved into their brand new home in Texas. Wanting to commemorate their first dinner in their new home, Mr. Cooper took this photo before enjoying their meal.¬†After getting the photo developed, the family was shocked to see the apparition of a falling man.

There is not much else regarding the family and there are plenty of theories as to this being a fake photo, which it may be, but I prefer to suspend disbelieve and imagine what could have happened. It’s more fun this way.

Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small abandoned cemetery in Cook County Illinois with a long history of paranormal activity. Created back in 1833, the cemetery was originally called Everdon Cemetery after the founder, Samual Everdon. The first official burials started in 1840, but some think burials actually began in 1834 and was used by several Organized Crime families as a dumping ground, but this has not been proven.

The White Lady or Madonna of Bachelors Grove is said to be that of a woman who was buried next to her child. She can be seen walking the cemetery on a full moon holding her infant. Several photographs are floating (pun intended) around of The White Lady along with orbs and other ghostly shapes.

Bachelor’s Grove is famous for several other ghostly visitors:

A farmer and his plow horse are sometimes seen near the lake behind the cemetery. Apparently, the farmer got too close to the water and the plow fell in, pinning the man and horse under the surface.

A shimmering farmhouse will appear suddenly and if you try to approach it, it will either seem to get smaller or simply disappear.

Monks are often seen along the 82 plot cemetery, as late as 1984 they have been several reports of Monks wandering about.

A two-headed spirit has also been reported roaming about near the lake where the farmer and horse died.

This is definitely one cemetery to visit if you plan on visiting the Chicago area. There are plenty of tours you can take. It is not recommended to go there alone at night as there is a heavy police presence around the site. You would think to keep people from doing various illegal things, but maybe, just maybe, they are there to protect you from other nasty spirits who wish to do you harm. You never know. If you are visiting the Chicago area, Click Here to schedule a ghost tour.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

This is the second image that scared me as a child. Riding in the back of my parents’ station wagon reading the story and scaring myself to the point where I couldn’t sleep well for two nights straight. I freaked out my little sister as well by telling her if you stare at the image you can see it move. She did, and yes she did see it move, as did I. What’s the point of being scared if you can’t share the experience!

The ghostly apparition is said to belong to Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686 – 1726), sister of the first Prime Minister of Great Britain and married to Charles Townshend. After her husband found out she was unfaithful, he locked her in her room until she died of Smallpox in 1726. The first reported sighting was in 1835 during a Christmas celebration. Several people said they saw her near the bedrooms with a white glowing face and empty eye sockets. This went on for several nights and led to several of the staff quitting after running into the spirit.

The next reported sighting was in 1836 by a friend of Charles Dickens. Captain Frederick Marryat, also an author, reported coming face to face with the Brown Lady after agreeing to stay in her room for three nights to disprove the hauntings. He theorized that this is the work of living, breather hooligans bent on causing mischief. On the third night, while returning to his room with two other gentlemen he spotted a shimmering light approaching them. They hid behind a doorway to let the “intruder” pass and then sneak up behind them only to come face to face with The Lady. He never returned.

Union Cemetary, Easton Connecticut

Celebrated Ghost Hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren have extensively researched this cemetery and even wrote a book about The White Lady, Graveyard. The more than four hundred year old cemetery is reported to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the US. Several photographs and videos of orbs and other mysterious sightings can be found, but the main attraction is The White Lady.

There are several theories about who she was, some say she is a woman who died in childbirth who is still searching for her child, or a woman who was murdered behind the church and buried in a sinkhole, or a woman who was murdered after killing her husband. There is no clear record of who she might have been or when she died.

Several sightings range from seeing the ghostly apparition wandering the graveyard as well as several motorists claiming to see a woman standing in the middle of the road appearing right in front of them. When they stop and look for the body, no one is there. This leads me to believe that the woman may have been run over by a car and the driver panicked and buried the body behind the church.

Another famous resident of this cemetery is Red Eyes. Several people have reported seeing a pair of red eyes looking at them from the brush. One man reported seeing the eyes and running away. He heard footsteps running after him, but never saw who was chasing him.
The eyes are reportedly belong to Earle Kellog, who was burned alive across from the cemetery in 1935.

Keep this spot in mind for future Ghost Hunting tours as this is a must see for any paranormal thrillseeker! Click Here to schedule a tour.

The Ghost in the Server Room – Personal Experience

While working in Maryland, I was fortunate enough to experience another ghostly encounter. I was installing some new software at the Snow Hill Courthouse a few years ago and working alone in their server room. On the third floor with no windows other than the frosted glass on the door, I was busily working away facing the wall when I saw a shadow pass behind me in the silver faceplate of the light switch. Instantly I got chills running up and down both arms.
Thinking someone must have come in through another door, I got up to go see who was there and found no one, and no other door into the small server room. Now, here’s the freaky part. as I was looking for whomever it was that walked behind me, the door clicked shut.¬†This door is locked with an electronic security device where you can only enter with a key card. The heavy door would close on its own after opening with an audible click. This is what I heard when I was looking for my mysterious guest. No one came in and no one opened the door as I would have heard it opening.

Becoming more and more curious, I walked out of the server room and asked a few of the women who worked near the server room if any of them had walked past the door within the last few minutes. They both said no and I told them my story. One of the girls told me that the courthouse was built on top of an old cemetery and they’ve all seen or heard strange things before.

I asked them to do a little experiment and had one of them walk past the door to try and recreate the shadow I saw. I was only able to get it to happen again when she walked directly behind me. We all had a good time telling other ghost stories. Some they experienced, some they heard from friends, some just for fun. The town was established back in 1686 and the landscape is dotted with old abandoned building in various states of decay. The town would make for an interesting Ghost Hunting experience as there are a lot of haunted spots to visit. Click Here for tour information.

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