In The beginning…

In today’s world, we turn on the TV or go online to read the latest news and all you see is negativity and hate. It’s all beginning to become too much. We need to be distracted with shiny objects and fascinating tales.

When I set out to pursue my creative path, I always told myself I wanted to make people laugh, to cry, to be amazed, to cover their eyes in fear and have to sleep with the lights on for a week. Anything to distract from the daily grinding that we are surrounded with.

On my page, you will find fascinating and entertaining stories, informative articles about health and well being, inspiring travel journeys, and lots of photos to view. Please check out my Amazon author profile, or if you’re a member of Goodreads, please check out my available stories for purchase. If you are interested in any of the photos for download or print, please fill out the contact form below and let me know which one you are interested in.


I believe there is no better therapy than baring one’s soul for all of the world to see and it’s free (other than the cost of setting up a website and maintaining it). I can’t afford daily or weekly therapy, and medicating myself just numbs the senses – it doesn’t heal. I have my own process for dealing with my stress and anxiety, and this is just another tool in my arsenal to deal with the world where we reside. So this is me: bleeding over my blank pages for your enjoyment.

Am I different or just unique? Who am I? I am a writer, a photographer and a wanderer. I’m a son, a friend and an occasional lover. Most importantly, I am broken and need change. There are two lives that I see: one that I have been living for the past 47 years and the life that I want to live. This is the Point Of No Return. I can either choose to continue to live the sheltered, fearful life where I hole up in my home and watch the world go by, while occasionally yelling at the neighbor kids to turn that rock-n-roll down, or I can fight for the life I want to live. I want and need to make a positive impact on the world by entertaining the masses and joining those kids with their loud music, unless they’re jamming to Justin Bieber. That’s just irritating and wrong on so many levels, but that’s just my opinion!

Mentally, it’s time for re-evaluation and to transition from sitting down in front of the computer with blank pages, mocking and taunting myself, to fulfilling a promise to myself to fill the white space with words. I’m allowing myself to beat my demons into submission. Some of these pages will bare my soul for better or worse. I can’t afford weekly therapy, so this is my attempt to better myself by revealing the demons that plague me on a daily basis and, more importantly, work with issues that are pertinent to others who are in need or just curious about the state and well-being of uniquely different individuals.

Meanwhile, topics I will be discussing will also contain articles on topics such as Health & Wellness, Op-ed, Travel articles and periodical Misfit Happenings. Finally, I encourage you to peruse some of my short stories that I will be publishing through Amazon Kindle.

Essentially, I am a voice for all! So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, snack and enjoy my copious verbiage.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I find it’s more of a feeling than any words. When you look at a photo and your soul comes alive, then that is a good photo.

Each photographer has their own unique voice that they show through their lens. People can tell their own stories well enough without me, so I decided to stick with nature, preferring to tell the stories that they cannot, or simply to show others the beauty of the natural world around them.


Five Natural Supplements You Should Be Taking Everyday

The Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Our diets are very poor when it comes to eating for our health. Fast food, processed foods, and insane portion sizes have all attributed to our poor health and it is through healthy eating that we can get back into great shape!

How To Survive Valentine’s Day

It’s an ironic coincidence that the acronym singles awareness day initials equal SAD. It was not that long ago when people believed older singles were not living up to their full potential having neither settled down, nor got married and/or acquired the house, with the two-car garage, the white-picket fence, and a few kids running around. These days, more and more people are choosing to remain single longer. Studies show that there are more late-life marriages today than there were ten or 20 years ago.

Travel Happy, Travel Safe, Travel Smart

The travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. The harder we work the harder we should play, and a lot of people are beginning to see the benefits of exploring the world we live in. With lowering travel costs and a middle class with more disposable income overseas travel is more accessible than ever before and that is not going to change.